Adventures in the Ohio Valley

Leaving the Hackworth’s of Dutch Valley, TN we headed north across the Cumberland Mountains across Kentucky to visit the notable and impressive architecture of Columbus, IN. It was quite a tour lead by an extremely knowledgeable and entertaining guide. The highlights of the trip were Hagrid’s photo ops underneath a Henry Moore sculpture and in the I.M. Pei designed Columbus Public Library (http://barth NULL.lib where Hagrid posed with Jennifer Tchida, the children’s librarian and Bartholomew the library turtle- a yellow Russian Tortoise!

After a couple of days in Columbus, IN we headed out in the predawn hours for Yellow Springs, OH where I was scheduled for a 2 pm storytelling gig at the Yellow Springs Public (http://greenelibrary Library. Across miles of cornfields we finally reached the rolling hills of Cincinnati and headed north to Yellow Springs, OH. We arrived as our friends Krista McGaw and Andy Carlson and their daughter Anna were packing the car for Andy to drive Anna down to Warren Wilson College in NC for her Junior year

We settled into the First Baptist Church- well, it use to the the First Baptist Church. It’s now the humble abode for Krista, Andy and Anna. After a great lunch we headed back up the street- a couple of blocks- to the church, I mean the house. It was a short walk but took a bit longer since in Yellow Springs it appears that everybody know everybody- or at least they know Krista! I headed back up the block on my own to leave everybody to chat and grabbed my guitar to get to the Yellow Springs Library- across the street from the church- I mean the house.

Yellow Springs is a wonderful little berg- home to historic Antioch College- it reminds me of a small New England village of the 1960’s- and let me say ‘all that that implies’! Artists, educators, inventors, and peace activists- it’s quite an engaging place. Krista gave us a great tour of Yellow Springs and the surrounding community- and she knows the community- being the Executive Director of the Tecumseh Land Trust (http://tecumsehlandtrust



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