It’s finally here!

Well it’s taken a little over a year but the time is finally here! We leave on Sunday the 19th for our Round-the-Country tour with Stand-up Hagrid in tow. Spencer and I were suppose to leave last summer- August of 2011- but dear sweet Hagrid began to slow down and it was obvious he wasn’t going to make it into the fall. So we decided to stay home and be with our good buddy until it was time for him to go on his way.

He was a great dog and we will remember¬† him well- even on our trip. We’re taking Stand-up-Hagrid (a little bigger than life cutout) with us on our trip and he’ll be appearing in most of our photo’s as we blog along the travels.

I did a couple of early trial runs and took a few photo’s of Stand-up-Hagrid earlier in the summer. I took a picture of Hagrid and Berny Bear at the Hampton Inn in New Bern NC and at the Marina in Little Washington, NC, at the library in Bath, NC and even with Dr. Crabtree and the Staff at Carver Street Animal Hospital where they all took such wonderful care of Hagrid.

So keep posted and watch for Stand-up-Hagrid to make appearances at Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and points beyond!


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Dog Stories Collection Tour!

COUNTDOWN! I leave on Sunday, August 19th for the beginning of a two month driving trip around the US to California and back. I’ll be posting here on my blog as we make our way around the country. Hagrid will be traveling with me in spirit as I gather dog stories along the way and marking the progress through location and mile marker photos like the one posted here. I was recently in New Bern, NC and drove down to Fort Macon  to get a photo of the 0.0 miles starting point at the Atlantic Ocean. There will be many more photos to come as we travel through: NC, TN, IN, OH, MI, IL, WI, MN, SD, WY, ID, NV, CA, NV, NM, AZ, UT, CO, KS, MO, TN and HOME!

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