Collinsville, IL

Cruising by the Arch in St. Louis we crossed the Mississippi River just to the other side to visit our friends the Levys. What a welcome! Abe- the dog greeted us at the driveway and Mark immediately shuttled us back into Collinsville for the Italian Street Festival- Spencer says if you haven’t had Banga Cauda you’re missing out.

Mark then took us to the Cahokia Indian Mounds just outside of Collinsville. Mark serves on the board of the historic site and is the author of Fishbone the Potter- a wonderful fantasy-historical novel setting in the past and present.

This set the theme for the next few days. When Elizabeth got home there was salmon on the grill, cold beer and dinner on the deck overlooking the lake! Over the next few days there were early morning walks, more great food and our own personal tour guides and perfect hosts! A big thank you to Mark and Elizabeth- on our entire trip this was the most “like home” feeling we had.

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