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Merry Oaks was a small town at the end of the 1800’s just at the Chatham and Wake County lines about 14 miles southwest of Apex, NC. The usual mile-square town limits were defined. It was incorporated, had a bank, a hotel, train depot and a post office. It was home to the Merry Oaks Academy- originally a female boarding school and later the first public supported high school in Chatham County. Progress rolled on and in 1921 the post office was closed since Merry Oaks sat almost midway between Moncure and New Hill, NC about three miles in both directions.

 Today it is tucked away at the end of a dead-end road- Old Christian Chapel Rd.- next to the intersection of Old US 1 and US 1. The old hotel, the general store building, post office and the train depot are still lined up along the rail road tracks at 283 Old Christian Chapel Road, New Hill, NC 27562.  From the early 1970’s until 2008 it was home to artist, storyteller, and all around hostess Anne Hill and her dogs, cats, chicken’s, peacocks, turkeys, guineas, and ‘little-pig-little-pig’. It was the site of many a creative and raucous gathering.

Upon her passing in 2008 Anne left Merry Oaks to Ron Jones and Spencer Lyerly, who are making every effort to continue making it a site for “raucous and creative gatherings”. 

These are recent photographs of Merry Oaks as it exists today.

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