Goodbye Ohio Hellow Illinois

In the last couple of days in Yellow Springs we managed to pack in a lot. Our great friends Krista Magaw and Andy Carlson gave us first class tours of the area and incredible meals! Thanks so much guys! Andy gave us a great tour of his farm just outside Yellow Springs where he’s slowly and determinedly restoring an 1880’s brick farmhouse and barn. Krista took us on a whirlwind tour of nearby Springfield , OH.

In Springfield Hagrid once again proved a good luck charm. We were driving by the Westcott House (http://westcotthouse – a 1908 Frank Loyd Wright design – but it was closed for tours. We decided to take a photo of Hagrid on the lawn in front of the house. Just as I was walking across the lawn with Hagrid under my arm a neighbor of the curator of the house had pulled up with friends to visit her. They told her she should go check on the man with a dog on the front lawn. She came out and when we told her the story of Hagrid’s ’round the country tour’ she invited us in for a private tour- and to bring Hagrid along! Thanks Marta Wojcik (Executive Director and Curator of Westcott House).

We then moved on to the Springfield History Museum and the Springfield Public Library where Hagrid posed for photo’s with Sheldon the Turtle. That evening we had just enough time for one more photo-op with Hagrid in Knome-Man’s-Land andad a fairwell dinner with Krista and Andy.

On August 29th we headed out from Ohio, across Indiana to Bloomington, IL for the night. We did have a chance to visit the Bloomington Public Library and Hagrid posed underneath a wonderful tree & park bench sculpture. Bloomington is known as The City of Trees.


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