Leaving Utah and Nevada behind…

After we left our friends in Salt Lake City we skirted the Great Salt Lake crossed the Salt Flats and cruised into Elko, NV- the Cowboy Poetry Capitol of the World! After that it was on to Winnemuccca and Carson City. Finally we made it to California- Yosemite and surrounds.

At the western side of Yosemite Hagrid was a bit overwhelmed by the Giant Sequoia.

As much as we hated to leave Yosemite behind we had to head to Kerman, CA outside of Fresno to visit my nephew Brett, his wife Ashley and three daughters Ella, Emma & Elana. We drove through miles and miles of pistachio and almonds orchards, raisins drying in the sun, and rows of King Palms. But the highlight was of course- the girls!



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