As a storyteller I believe that stories entertain, inform, encourage creative thinking, and stimulate the imagination. I often use music and audience participation in storytelling. My repertoire covers a wide range of stories for both children and adults.


My stories come from various cultures around the world- from the trickster Anansi stories of West Africa, to the wisdom tales of the Far East, to bilingual stories from Mexico. Regional stories include Jack Tales and other Appalachian folktales, as well as Cherokee legends, ghost stories, and pirate stories of the North Carolina coast.


Listening to stories is like taking an imaginary trip. Sometimes I involve the audience in the telling. Whether it’s a call and response story or a cumulative tale involving a sing-a-long verse, I want all the listeners to be on board for the journey.


Having grown up in large extended family of storytellers, many of my stories capture slices of life common to us all. My family stories help bring back memories of times, and places, and people in our lives. The stories are meant to tickle the funny bone while tugging on the heart strings at the same time.


Storytelling is a most effective means of promoting books and reading- especially to children. Many of my stories are based on classic and contemporary children’s books.

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