Thanks Buddy!

Yes, 8353 miles up, across, down and back we wound our way in a meandering circle around the US and home again.

What started out as just a lark of taking “Flat Hagrid” along as a chuckle proved to be an unbelievable final gift from our dear buddy. Hagrid gained us entry into places we would have otherwise missed. He was the impetus for our meeting folks and exchanging stories, laughs and memories- and even a few tears from sympathetic folks who knew the loss of a wonderful four-legged friend.

Last year I had to delay the trip because I knew HagridĀ  was not going to make it and I wanted to be here to say good by to him. While it was sad to let him go I still had the great memories of the years of funny, stubborn, and terrier-rascal times we had had together. I never thought that he was going to provide even more fun and laughter- even after he was gone. Thanks buddy…your were a hit all the way across the country and back! I miss your bright eyes and the your sopping wet beard dripping on the kitchen floor!


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